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My beautiful sister got married in true American style...VEGAS baby, last April. We decided to go and take Bebe B on her first real trip and first airplane. Basically I am going to toot my own horn here and take all the credit that traveling went so smoothly because I planned every little detail for months ahead. Also I have to thank all my WTE mama's for their FAB tips for travel.

But one dilemma I still faced as our trip was fast approaching was B's baby food. I made all of her baby food myself and just couldn't bring myself to give her jarred food, even the organic kind just wasn't good enough for her I felt (this may have something to do with me still feeling heartbroken I was no longer able to breastfeed and we were giving her formula). So...after reading the TSA website about policies for traveling with an infant, that stated only jarred or store bought baby food was allowed, I crafted a clever plan. I purchased 4 large baby food jars and dumped them out, sterilized them with boiling water (careful to keep the labels in tact). Then just in case anyone was looking closely I matched them up to look like what the labels said. In the jar labeled green beans I put my homemade peas and avocado, in the jar labeled apples I put my homemade apples and pears, in the jar labeled sweet potatoes I put my homemade sweet potatoes (ok that one was a given). I froze the jars and then packed them in a cooler bag with ice packs and her bottles. It worked like a charm, while it did take a long time to get through security and they did go through every thing of ours, test our bottles for explosive chemicals and test my hands as well they not even flinched at the baby food jars!! The food lasted us the 4 days of our trip and I didn't have to compromise- ahh, the sweet taste of success!


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