Earth Day Sandwiches

These sammies are so cute it might be hard to eat them!  We love using cookie cutters to make shape sammies at our house and I came up with this one just in time for Earth Day on Thursday.  This is one the kids will absolutely love helping you with.  As I always say, kids are much more likely to try new foods if they help prepare them.

Earth Day Sandwiches - 12 Months+

What you’ll need:

Cookie cutters

Two types of bread ( I used a local organic whole wheat and whole grain white but I think next time I’ll try dark rye and wheat)

Nut or Sunflower butter (I used organic almond but any will work)

Cream cheese

Sliced Bananas

Sliced cheese (I used a organic cheddar)

a knife for spreading

Cut two circles out of one type of bread (I save the left over pieces to make bread crumbs with) then cut out shapes from the other type of bread that can kind of look like land masses of the globe (I used the tail of a dinosaur cookie cutter) Cut out a circle from the sliced cheese.  Spread the circle pieces of bread with nut butter and put on the circle of sliced cheese or banana slices (or both).  Attach the land pieces of bread with a thin layer of cream cheese.  You can eat them just like that or toast them for a bit in a toaster oven to melt the cheese.  Enjoy!!!

This recipe is vegetarian


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