Wednesday, May 26, 2010

People Still Read the Newspaper

I awoke to my phone beeping at me Friday morning letting me know I had a new text message.  hmm, kind of early for texts.  I rubbed the sleep from my eyes to find texts and emails telling me what a great article and how excited they were to see me in the paper.  What??  Oh yeah I had been pre-occupied with preparing for Welcome to Motherland,  an art show for an evolving community art project about new motherhood that I am a part of.  Bebe Meals was also doing the food for the event so I had been busy planning, shopping and cooking.  I had completely forgotten about the article and when it was to run.

I was thinking “wow, a lot of people read the paper and they must read it all if they caught the little piece on baby food making”.  Once Bebe B was awake and we had our breakfast I could no longer contain my curiosity.  We hopped in the car and headed out to grocery store to get a paper.   And there it was...first page of the taste section...giant pictures....teaser at the top of the front page of the paper!  I was so excited I bought two and giddily shouted “that’s us, that article is about us” while pointing to the paper.  She may have thought I was a bit nutty but I couldn’t contain my joy.  The article (by Chris Martell) was wonderful and I hope inspirational to parents to make healthy food for their babies, their toddlers, their kiddos, their families.  

I have received so much positive feedback from the article that I am convinced...people still read the newspaper.  Hooray for newspapers!

The online article can be viewed HERE.  Thank you to the author Chris Martell and photographer Michelle Stocker.

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