Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like a vacation with a toddler to make you appreciate home.  It’s so funny how even the little things can make such a difference in our health, well-being and attitude.  Dee, Bebe B and I have just returned from a week long visit to the East coast and I can tell you we are hugging our comfy pillows tighter and gobbling up all the fresh food we can get.  It seems like no matter how hard we try to find healthy options for food on vacation it just isn’t quite the same.  It’s fun and exciting to try new things, tastes and flavors but there is truly no place like home.  Our first night home I made celery and dill chicken burgers and all three of us scarfed them down like we hadn’t tasted real food in months.  We did have some amazing food on our trip (I found many inspirations for new recipes) yet it’s nice to be back to the daily “grind”.  I’m pretty lucky my daily “grind” rocks.

Coming soon: “Patriotic Pie” and  “Puree Monday” plus I have some fabulous new restaurant reviews.

*Photograph taken of Bebe B and I at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD.


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