Good Earth: Restaurant Review

Recently we took a little road trip up to Minnesota.  Actually it was more like Dee traveling for work so Bebe B and I tagged along to visit friends and do some shopping in the “no sales tax on shoes or clothing” state.  It was a fun trip but I’m pretty sure after the 6 hour trip (each way with stops) with a toddler, Dee will opt to return to his usual one hour flight when he heads up that way again.  We got a chance to visit friends, have some good Indian food and try a local restaurant that uses the words seasonal, fresh, unprocessed to describe themselves.  Ok Good Earth you have my attention!  I loved that their website clearly stated where they get their food from and that they truly have a seasonal menu, changing with the seasons. They use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Of course I had to inspect the possible deal breaker..dare I say it...kid’s menu.  Well I was pleasantly surprised, it was good with plenty of healthy options that kids will love.  So we decided to give it a go.  It was a great experience.  The staff were very nice and despite it being a little busy we were seated right away.  The waitress brought us a basket of some homemade crispy sort of crackers with a mustardy dip right away.  It was yummy and it’s always nice when you have a toddler if you are given some food within minutes of sitting down.

The waitress also brought out a little bowl of fruit for Bebe B before we had evened ordered.  Cool...very cool!  Bebe B had the penne pasta with their homemade tomato sauce.  To say she loved it is an understatement.  I actually had to take her to the bathroom to wash her up halfway through eating (she had sauce even on her eyelids).  Of course it didn’t help that I forgot her bib at the hotel and once again I had to MacGyver one up.  This time I didn’t have a nuk clip so I used a stretchy headband tied to a cloth napkin.  It worked and I was quite proud of that one (well not so proud of the forgetting the bib part).  Dee and I both had amazing meals as well and we left with full and happy bellies.   The wine selection was very nice and Dee and I both had a glass.  They were even having special prices for the bottle, which the waitress said they could cork and send home with us!  I thought it was a Minnesota thing but nope same rules apply here.  Legally they can give it to you as long as it’s corked (and you paid for it of corse).  I would have loved to try one the amazing desserts but we had no room.  The prices are reasonable and what your would expect for the area and the type of fare.  The kid’s meals are $4.95.  Other menu item prices vary.  So if your in the twin cities area and get a chance to visit one of their two locations, I highly recommend it and you can bring the kids!

Footnote:  This is a completely unbiased review, I received no compensation for this review.  We paid for our meals ourselves.

Good Earth is located at 3460 Galleria Edina, MN 55435 and 1901 Highway 36 W Roseville, MN 55113-2709


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