Park Popcorn

A snack that Bebe B has come to adore is popcorn.  It started this summer with our weekly trips to the farmer’s market where we would share popcorn and lemonade and pick out veggies, fruit and eggs to take home.  I’m starting to feel a bit sad that our weekly trips will end soon as the weather changes and the Market we go to will be finished for the season.  But I am positive we will still have popcorn as part of our weekly adventures.  Last week I was fighting off a wicked cold that thankfully Bebe B never got (knock on wood), and we were not able to go to the market.  Once I was feeling better I made up a fun new snack for Bebe B and I to take to the park.  It was so yummy and easy and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Park Popcorn - 24 Months+
2-3 cups Air Popped Popcorn
1 tsp Coconut Oil, melted
1 tbsp of half Cinnamon, half fine organic sugar
 (I keep this pre-mixed in a jar in my pantry)

 Add the popped corn to a plain brown paper bag.  Add the oil, cinnamon and sugar, roll the top of the bag so it is sealed and shake it up.  Kids will love helping with this.  That’s it and it is ready to eat.  I love the results, a slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly “cinnaminy” combination!

Here is Bebe B’s adventure with our park popcorn:


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