What's in Our Bowl?

We have been getting asked quite a bit...What are handing out for trick -or -treaters?  Or do we shut off the lights and skip that part of the holiday?  It seems often there are two schools of thought on the subject: “hey it’s one day a year...go nuts” and “avoid the evil of trick-or-treating”...both are a bit extreme for my tastes.

All of my memories of Halloween growing up are wonderful...it was never about the candy (really honest!) although candy was a two time a year thing in our house (Halloween and Easter).  All of my wonderful memories stem from the painstaking way my mother would help us prepare costumes (she always made/ found the items to make costumes) and the time spent together as a family.  I want to be able to give Bebe B those same type of happy memories when she thinks back on holidays growing up full of joy, fun, family and yes food.  I’m convinced that we can give our kids fun and tasty food that is still good for them.  We don’t have to sacrifice our goals and objectives simply not to feel like a wet blanket.  We can be fun and healthy...I know it!  

So what will we give out?  Well fresh fruit would be awesome but since we still get many trick-or-treaters we do not personally know the family of, I think most parents would have a hard time letting their kids eat an apple from a stranger??  I still remember getting tiny little envelops full of pennies once when I was 7 or 8, and although I thought it was cool at the time I’m guessing today’s savvy kids would be none too impressed by pennies “do people still use these” they would say!  So here is what we are giving out this year:

I purchased the pretzels, fruit snacks and lollipops from Whole Foods Market.

For some more great suggestions on healthy treats to share check out this great post over at Raising Madison!

I’d love to hear what cool things others are giving out?


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