Harvest: Restaurant Review (Date Night)

When I first started doing restaurant reviews I promised I would include some date night choices.  Well we haven’t had a “date” since March!  Till last week for Dee’s birthday that is.  Once Bebe B was fed, bathed and playing happily with her aunt we headed out for some grown-up time...and what better way then a fancy schmansy place that doesn't have food on the floor!!  We both have been wanting to try Harvest for some time now.  Between the glowing reviews and the fabulous concept...we had to check it out.  The Harvest Philosophy (as per their website)  “Our inspiration is drawn from French and American cuisines, spotlighting locally grown, organic ingredients.”

They have an evolving seasonal menu that truly takes advantage of some of the local treasures in the area.  First off you will not be disappointed by the atmosphere.  It fully fit the upscale profile...our coats were taken at the door and the low lighting gave a soft and cozy glow to the restaurant (although it didn’t help my attempt to snap some shots for you with my phone).  The view was great, right on the square.  Our server was friendly, professional and knowledgable.  The food was excellent.  The wine selection was fabulous!  Our server even (no questions asked) exchanged our bottle of wine after there was a slight mix-up between what we ordered and received.  Before our entrees arrived our server even brought out a little complimentary taste of an AMAZING, WISH YOU HAD MORE potato and leek soup.  I managed to snap a shot of the cute little soup cup (above) but I had already slurped all the soup down.  For the first course I had an amazing butternut squash soup.  It was creamy, rich and melted in your mouth.  

Dee had the grilled marinated squid, which he adored...me not so much but I’m not huge squid fan to start with.  For our main course Dee had the wild Alaskan cod and I had the roasted breast of chicken with wild rice, squash, pumpkin seeds and parsley oil.  WON-DER-FUL!!  For dessert Dee had the special , a corn pudding that is hard to describe but was so delicious.  I had the chocolate cake.  Oh so good!

Over all one amazing meal!  I hadn’t even realized how much Dee had enjoyed it until we were leaving and the host asked us how everything had been, to which Dee replied “Wonderful, I have recently eaten in some very nice places in NYC and Las Vegas and you guys blew them all away” (Dee travels for work often).  The prices are that of an upscale gourmet restaurant so it’s not the type of place most of us with little ones go very often but if your like us and don’t get too many chances for “date nights” I say go for it...because it is worth it.  Plus you can feel good about the food and knowing where it came from.  Wishing you all happy date nights!

Footnote:  This is a completely unbiased review, I received no compensation for this review.  We paid for our meals ourselves.

Harvest is located at 21 N Pickney St, Madison, WI 53703


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