Little Letters Soup

Right now Bebe B is hard at work mastering the art of silverware.  To be honest it really hadn’t been a priority for us before now because it was just so much easier for her to eat with her fingers but she loves yogurt, oatmeal and soup so we are focusing more on utensils and attempting to get more food in her tummy than her’s a process.  This is a great soup for little ones learning to use a spoon to feed themselves.  It’s thick and easier to scoop than a more broth like soup might be.  Plus the alphabet letters add in an element of learning, which is always a plus.  Bebe B was proudly pointing out her favorite letters to me and saying cute things like “I need to eat that W”.  Bebe B named this recipe after one of her favorite books which she calls “little letters”.

Little Letters Soup - 12 Months+
1 cup of alphabet pasta 
water for boiling
1 small leek
1 clove garlic, chopped fine
2 small potatoes
1/4 cup bebe stock or vegetable stock
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 cup almond milk (or soy)

Begin by bringing water to boil in a medium saucepan.  Add the pasta and cook till tender (about 8-10mins), drain and set aside.  Clean, peel and cube the potatoes.  Clean and rough chop the leek.  Add the potatoes to a medium saucepan and fill with water until the potatoes are covered.  Bring pot to a boil and cook the potatoes for about 10-15 mins, adding in the leek for the last 5 minutes.  Drain the water from the potatoes and leek then puree them together with the garlic in either a food processor or Beaba babycook.  Once smooth add the veggie puree back to the saucepan.  Add in the stock, salt, paprika and milk.  Heat over medium heat for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally.  Add in the cooked pasta and cook for another 5 minutes or so.  Serve warm. This recipe will keep up to 3 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer. This recipe will fill about 2 ice cube trays.  

This recipe is dairy-free and vegan.


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