Breakfast Pita Pockets

At our house we love eggs and I’m always looking for fun ways to serve them up.  Here is a great breakfast for the little ones and grown ups of your house.  Bebe B thinks it’s fabulous to have her own little “boat” of eggs to eat.  Another tip I have found is the finer the spinach is chopped the better the results and the better the chance it gets eaten.

Breakfast Pockets - 12 Months+
1 Whole Grain Pita Pocket
1 Egg
1 tbsp finely chopped Spinach (fresh or frozen thawed)
1 tbsp shredded Cheese
pinch of Salt
1 tsp olive oil (for pan)

Split the pita pocket in half.  I like to warm it up a bit in the toaster oven for a minute.   Warm a small pan on the stove with olive oil.  Scramble the egg and spinach mixture.  Whisk the egg, spinach and salt together with a fork in a small bowl. Fill the pita pockets with the cooked eggs and sprinkle with cheese.  Enjoy!

This recipe is vegetarian.


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