Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!  The last four months have been crazy for me; having Bebe I, My in-laws moving to town all the way form India, Moving to a new house, the holidays and to top it all off I ended up in the hospital on New Years Eve with emergency gallbladder removal surgery.  

I’m slowly recovering and despite it all have high hopes for the new year and Bebe Meals.  There are differing opinions about what leads to the failure of the gallbladder but even my surgeon’s opinion is that “western diet” plays a huge roll.  And in all honesty it has only been in the last 5 years that I have studied nutrition and changed the way I eat dramatically.  Much of my life without thinking I made the wrong choices when it came to food.  

So I am now even more determined than I was before to help parents feed their families in a healthy way.  I will be posting recipes, lunchbox, purees, restaurant reviews and more every week here, so please spread the word and pass my site on.  Let’s give our children the best chance for a healthy life!


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