Bebe Vlog - Episode 1

HERE is our first installment of BEBE VLOG!  Bebe I loves sweet potatoes and is so happy to be part of meal time.  We are taking it slow, which seems to be just fine with her!  

Last week was Bebe B’s spring break from preschool, that combined with Bebe I’s sleep regression It’s been quite difficult to blog but things are looking up and I plan to post a Bebe Vlog every week.  Also I have a stock pile of awesome recipes and fabulous restaurant reviews coming your way.

If your interested (or know someone interested) in learning more about making your own baby food, I have a class coming up: Adventures in Baby Food Making; my hour and a half class that will teach you everything you need to know and more. (in May) Also the free mini class at Nicki’s Diapers this month was fun and I will most likely do another one this summer.


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