The Lunchbox: Summer 2012

It’s been a very busy summer in my house combined with medical issues and a baby that is not the greatest sleeper this poor website has had to take the back burner.  My classes have been going great!  Below are some of Bebe B’s lunches for the summer.  If you are on Instagram follow me (capitolmommy) for pictures of Bebe B’s lunches 2x a week and Bebe I’s homemade baby food! 

Above is a picture of one of Bebe B’s lunches from the summer:

  • Poppy Bagel with Cream Cheese & Jam
  • Pretzel Rods
  • HeartBEET Hummus
  • Homemade Kale Chips
  • Breakfast Cookie & Strawberries

Happy Lunchtime Everyone!


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