Orange Dream Smoothie

This smoothie is nothing short of amazing.  It seems impossible something without dairy or nut milk could taste this good and creamy but it does.  Bebe B appropriately named this smoothie because it's orange and tastes like a dream.  Happy Spring!

Orange Dream Smoothie - 7 Months+
1 banana
2-3 medium shredded carrots (you can use whole too)
1 clementine or mandarin orange (peeled)
1 tangerine (peeled)
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup ice

Whizz up all the ingredients together in a blender.  Pour into glasses and serve with a straw (it's more fun that way).  This recipe makes about 3 medium smoothies. Enjoy.

This smoothie was perfect for the special spring break lunch I made the girls this week.

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