Stoplight Snacks

My daughters have been really into playing with their toy cars and trains which means we have been talking a lot about transportation and driving lately (I have two cute little back seat drivers).  My five year old gave me the idea to create a healthy snack that looked like a stoplight.
The girls loved helping make these snacks and gobbled them up at lightning speed.  You could easily turn it into lunch by putting it on bread instead of a cracker.  Using gluten-free bread would be a good way to make it a completely gluten-free snack.  Also you could substitute different fruits or dried fruits.

Stoplight Snacks
Graham Crackers
Nut or Seed Butter
Cream Cheese
Clementines or Banana

Using a butter knife or spoon spread the graham crackers with nut or seed butter and/ or cream cheese (kid's love to spread).  Slice the fruit into round slices.  Add the fruit to make a stoplight.  My daughter made one with all kiwi, according to her "so you never have to stop".  These pack great in a lunchbox too!

Ready, Set, Go!


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