All Whisked Up...Polenta Heaven

I am so excited to be part of Wisconsin Whisk, a new culinary collective of Wisconsin Food Bloggers!

Today I am participating in the first "All Whisked-up", a secret website swap.

I was overjoyed that I received Things I Made Today created by Vicky Cassidy.  I love her blog and beautiful recipes that are truly works of art.  After much debate (because she has so many fantastic recipes) I chose to recreate the Warm Polenta Bowl with Clementine Compote.

One word...HEAVENLY.  Such a rich and warm dish that's almost too beautiful to eat.  Both girls loved helping whisk the polenta so there is definitely room for kids to help, although you do have to remind them of being careful near the stove and stay with them while they help.

I made a few minor changes.   I used rum for the compote as I had no brandy and I left it out completely for the girls portion because even though it cooks off I knew they would taste a hint of it.  Which I am glad I did as they both tried mine and said it tasted funny.  I also substituted full fat coconut milk instead of half and half to make it dairy-free.  I also subbed in coconut milk yogurt for my portion.  Seriously a winner of a recipe!

Check out the original recipe HERE.

Check out the rest of the All Whisked Up adventures...


  1. Polenta with coconut milk. What a great idea!! I think I'll be playing around with that all winter.

  2. I love the idea of adding coconut milk instead of regular cows milk. Yum! And glad you were able to share the recipe with your kids! My son is a little young (8 months) but I'm looking forward to cooking with him in the future! Thanks for choosing this recipe!

    1. Awesome, it won't be long now and he will be whisking right beside you:)

  3. mmmm sweet (vs. savory) polenta, great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I cook polenta often because my kids love it. I'll have to try the sweet-savory combo and the coconut milk sounds like a great substitute too. Looks wonderful!


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