Sunday, November 22, 2015

Food Allergies and the Holidays

The holidays are a happy and cheerful time. Family gatherings and festive food. Yet to many it's the festive food and holiday gatherings that can be a major source of anxiety. Having food allergies or intolerances can be a challenge any day but even more so when you are getting together with family and friends to share meals. 

I was honored to get the opportunity to chat with Meredith Barack on NBC15 yesterday about this very subject. We both have Celiac Disease, so the subject was near and dear to both of us.  Many people have expressed to me an interest in making some safe food for themselves or a loved one this Thanksgiving. Today I am sharing the three recipes that I made for the segment...

Friday, November 6, 2015

All Whisked Up...We got the BEET!

I am so excited to be part of Wisconsin Whisk, a new culinary collective of Wisconsin Food Bloggers!

I am excited to participate again in "All Whisked-up", a secret website swap.

This month I received Five Senses Palate created by Sujhey Beisser.  She has a wonderful website full of creative and unique recipes accompanied by beautiful photography. The moment I saw Sautéed Beets with Orange-Cilantro-Mint Dressing and Pistachios I knew it was the recipe I had to make...I LOVE beets. I wasn't able to find candy cane beets (my favorite) but I used golden and red.