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Pesto Party Hummus

Another hummus recipe! This was a huge hit at our latest kid's cooking class this past weekend. I have yet to find a hummus I don't love.

Pesto Party Hummus


1 (15 oz) can Navy Beans (no salt added)

1/3 cup fresh Basil

1/3 cup fresh Spinach

2 tbsp fresh Goat Cheese

1 clove Garlic

1 tsp Sea Salt

Juice from ½ a small Lemon

2-3 tbsp Olive Oil

Add all of the ingredients (except Olive Oil) to a food processor and begin to blend, stream in the oil till a creamy consistency is reached and the hummus is well mixed. This recipe will keep in the refrigerator for 3 days and for 3 months in the freezer. A creamy and fresh dip for veggies or pretzels!

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