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Sprouting Foodie Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

With the holidays quickly approaching we often get asked for gift ideas for the the kids out there who (like us) love all things food and culinary! We have rounded up an amazing list of gifts perfect for the little foodies in your life.

Yes, it's still a thing. We love the Pieces of Love Pastries because their jams are organic and you are supporting a small business. Plus you can choose how many months you want to enroll in. We can't wait to try the kiwi jam! (all ages)

You can purchase a gift card or gift card pack good for yummy sprout public culinary classes for kids and families. We also sell rainbow whisks, kids chef knives and more culinary supplies at our public classes and events! (ages 2+)

We love books that encourage kids to try new foods and bring smiles to our young chefs faces. Two of our favorite books to read at classes are these beautifully illustrated books by Elizabeth Lynch. (ages 0-6)

An awesome way to help get kids excited about vegetables. Each month features a different vegetable and is sent as an eBook format which includes veggie arts and crafts projects, growing projects, activity sheets, kid-approved recipes and more! You can also subscribe to a physical mailer which includes craft supplies, organic seeds, a collectible button, temporary tattoo, stickers, and more. (ages 3-6)

We love these rainbow chopsticks that make learning to use chopsticks a breeze! Use the cloud to keep them together for easy learning than use without once the skill is mastered. From Poke Bowls to Sushi using chopsticks is fun for all ages. (ages 2+)

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