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Stress Baking Round-Up!!

If you are like us in times of stress we turn to baking (and eating said baked goods) and 2020 has us ALL feeling ALL kinds of stress. Well, it turns out there is some science to stress baking. Psychologists explain that baking puts your consciousness in the present, triggers the senses before finally seeing an end result, something tangible to show for your work brings a feeling of accomplishment - all of these things can reduce stress levels. Plus baking is a creative activity and science shows that a creative activity each day can reduce stress and increase happiness. We like to think of baking as a deep breath for the soul. We have rounded up five of our favorite recipes for stress baking - so grab a whisk and let's start baking...

  1. Grandma's Classic Stuffing (it's basically thanksgiving all of November, right?)

2. Banana-Spinach Muffins (get your greens in)

3. Homemade Vanilla Wafers (eating 10 only counts as eating one cookie!)

4. Almond & Chive Cornbread (just right for a big pot of chili)

5. Banana-fig Breakfast Tarts (the perfect on-the-go or staying-put breakfast)

Happy Baking, Deep Breaths!!

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