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Kale and Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers

This is our new favorite burger recipe!!  Healthy and beyond delicious, not much more you can ask for. The whole family loves them and you will too...

Kale and Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers


1 lb Ground Turkey Breast

1/2 cup roasted and pealed Sweet Potato

3/4 cup chopped Baby Kale

1 Egg

1-2 Tbsp Black or Kalamata Olives, diced

3 Tbsp Ricotta Cheese (I use this Almond Milk Ricotta)

2-3 tsp Olive Oil

1-2 tsp fresh Lime Juice

1 tsp Sea Salt

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

Pinch Cayenne Pepper or tsp Chili Pepper Sauce

2 tsp Jalapēno, diced (optional)

Mash all of the ingredients together with a wooden spoon, breaking up the potato and ricotta along the way. Once your mixture is well combined form into medium sized patties (about the size of your palm). At this point you can wrap individually in wax paper or parchment and freeze in an airtight container (defrost before cooking) or cook them now. Using olive or coconut oil cook the burgers in a large pan on the stove over medium heat, about 3 minutes per side. These burgers cook quickly and get a golden brown crisp to them. Serve warm with your favorite burger toppings...I love tomatoes, avocado and sprouts! Makes 6-8 burgers. *pictured above on a gluten-free bun

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